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Roof coatings offer a low cost solution to homeowners, business owners, and property managers. Using only the highest quality of sealants, repair tapes, and reinforcements, Colorado Roofing Solutions is able to repair your flat roof for a considerably less amount than a full roof replacement.

Installation is non-disruptive to operations and facility usage

Because there are no air compressors or debris removal, your home or business is unaffected during installation. This is a big advantage for businesses as there is no disruption in day to day operations.

Lower Maintenance Cost

Roof coatings seal and fix leaks. This will prevent costly repairs and operations disruption that can occur.

Tax Advantages

Roof coatings are considered a maintenance cost. This means that they are 100% tax-deductible as an operating expense.

Long Term Performance

The use of roof coatings increases the life of the roof without spending money to fully replace it.

Cool Roof Energy Savings

Roof coatings drastically reduce roof temperatures allowing for a reduction in outside temperature entering the building. This leads to savings on both heating and cooling the building.

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