What is ice damming?

October 24, 2019

What is ice damming?

Ice dams occur when when snow begins to melt off of the roof. Gutter systems are unable to drain the melt off fast enough before the next freeze causing ice formation. This ice formation prevents future melt off from draining off of the roof.

The Science:

Heat from inside the home escapes through to the upper roof portion, or ridge, warming the roof surface. The bottom portions of the roof surface, or eaves, are below freezing. Because the upper portions of roof are above freezing, snow from this area melts. The eave portion of the roof is typically outside the warm wall of the home and does not receive heat from inside, thus they stay below freezing temperatures. This simple thermodynamics of a roofing system causes dams to form and can force water to back up under shingles and into the home.

The Solution:

The best solution is to have Colorado Roofing Solutions inspect the key roofing system components that can help prevent damages from ice damning. This includes: Ventilation, Attic Insulation, and Underlayment (Ice and Water Shield). The most inexpensive way to treat ice damning is to install heat tape that is sold at most big box home improvement stores.

This tape will require an electrical source and will heat the roof line up to just above freezing allowing the ice to melt. Colorado Roofing Solutions can install this tape as well as provide a thorough diagnostic of your roof’s performance. Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our dependable, knowledgable, local representatives.

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